Job Opportunities



Fast paced recreational dispensary in search of experienced and qualified budtenders! We are constantly growing at a rapid rate and need team players that are interested in growing with us. We are looking for organized and self motivated individuals that enjoy working in the cannabis industry.

Compensation : $13 + Tips

Applicants will be considered qualified if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Has a current Marijuana Enforcement Division Support or Key Badge.

  • Basic knowledge of Colorado Revised Statutes and all other Marijuana Enforcement Division bulletins.

  • Must also be familiar with cannabis and the basic properties and effects of consumption. Basic product knowledge with edibles and concentrates is a plus.

  • Needs to be familiar with the units of measurement that the retail cannabis industry uses – Fractions, grams, ounces, dollars; and must be able to count back change properly.

  • Top notch customer service with a wide variety of people.

  • Great interpersonal/communication skills.

  • Can handle fast paced/busy work and ability to adjust to a constantly changing environment.

  • Able to keep calm and collected with a non-stop line of customers and or/ upset customers.

  • Willing to do “downtime duties” (cleaning, packing pre-rolls, etc.) when it is slower.

  • Ability to do simple math accurately.

  • Capacity to follow instruction and take direction with a positive attitude.

  • Detail oriented and conscientious when working. Small mistakes can be costly in this industry.

  • Able to maintain a clean and organized space.

  • Any and all additional projects as determined by managers. We are looking for someone that has a positive attitude and is willing to contribute to our team environment, we look forward to hearing from you.

Please apply through Indeed.