Moms and Cannabis

Hey Honeys!

I welcome you to this discussion on moms and cannabis. Gasp! There are actually women out there in the world that still want to experience the benefits of cannabis - even after giving birth to their young. Haha okay all jokes aside. Really! There is a countless number of benefits to using marijuana as a mom in today’s busy, stressful society.  


The average modern mama has an incredible amount on her plate at any given time. There are so many things to balance in life. Many mamas utilize cannabis to help ease the stress of daily life. Many of us like to visit a few quiet moments in prayer or meditation every day. I find that cannabis is excellent in calming my mind and easing any tension before entering a moment of meditation and gratitude. Also, a huge benefit of cannabis is that it allows you to have an increased sense of patience, and therefore you are able to enjoy and nurture your child even more. A little patience goes a long way and actually helps my child learn so much more. For me, it is so important that when my children grow older, they always remember my smile. Cannabis is a way to ease my mood and help me release those smile endorphins a little more often.  

There are some things to keep in mind, of course, as a responsible cannabis user. See my previous blog post for more. It is of utmost importance to store your stash safely in lockable bottles, behind locked doors and out if reach of children. Knowing your proper dose is another very important and highly responsible behavior in regards to your use of adult-use cannabis.  Being responsible is being mindful. If you don’t know your dosing, start slow! Microdose when you will be caring for your children and indulge when they aren’t under your care. One more point I want to make real quick is to reduce your smell. Smoke outside when you can. Be considerate of the general public and don’t walk around smelling like one huge hit of weed. The air purifier is an amazing addition to a responsible cannabis user’s home. (Pro tip: you can find some air purifiers in excellent condition at your local thrift store!).


Cannabis culture taboo and mainstream media can easily have us feeling guilty as a mama who uses cannabis. Rest easy, little mama. Just remember that so long as you are a responsible cannabis user (which I believe a grand majority of us are), there is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about when it comes to enjoying the benefits of cannabis as a parent. It is up to us as responsible cannabis user MAMAS to educate our peers and fellow cannabis parents. We need to hold each other accountable to a high safety standard for the benefit of our growing generation.

xx, Mama Bee