Hi honeys!

There has been a lot of talk in the modern cannabis culture about microdosing! You may have heard of the term and several of you might be curious about what it means to microdose.   You may have heard of the term before in reference to a sub-perceptual dose of LSD - hence not strong enough to feel its effects but enough to sharpen one’s perception and maybe have subtle effects on creativity and energy.  But when I refer to microdosing on this blog, I am referring to it in a subtly different way than described above.

The way the cannabis industry defines microdosing is finding the optimal minimum cannabis dose required by your body to achieve maximum health benefits.  And since we are all so uniquely different, a microdose is a moving target. But, microdosing can be broken down into three categories that can help you identify with it more clearly.  


So, there are some people who are extraordinarily sensitive to the effects of THC and/or do not feel comfortable in an altered state.  These people should begin their microdosing with less than 2 mg of THC per dose.

The second category of microdosing is likely the most common starting point for anyone interested in microdosing.  The majority of consumers in this category are good to begin their microdosing experience at anywhere from 2.5 mg to 4 mg THC per dose.   

The last and final category of microdosing is one that is kind of a stair step up from the second category rather than being considered a starting point.  The third and final range of microdosing is between 5 mg and 7 mg. Anything higher than this is no longer considered microdosing, in my opinion.


You may be wondering what the characteristics of a microdose actually are?  Microdosing allows you to be responsive during everyday adulting while receiving medicinal benefits of cannabis. Each of us has a very different experience with the cannabis plant based on our endocannabinoid system function, body type, age, environment, hunger levels, body alcohol content, taking meds, etc, etc! Based on our bodies’ needs, we have to mindfully dose and then consciously consume so that we can find our own personal sweet spot. That means paying attention to your body and controlling your consumption carefully.

I always recommend to start low and go slow until you get to that place where your symptoms subside. For you, this might mean that your mind chatter has quieted, your pain or discomfort has dulled, your nausea has subsided or even that your blood pressure has diminished.

Starting at the lowest cannabis dose and very slowly increasing your dose until unwanted side effects are experienced is something that the experts call titration.  There is a whole wave of people in the world who are using cannabis as preventative maintenance. By definition, this is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment (ie. your body!) to lessen the likelihood of it failing.  It is performed while the equipment is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly. For those of you using cannabis for preventative maintenance, a dosage tracker is a wonderful tool for you to use. There are so many benefits to using a dosage tracker to find the best benefit for whatever ailment you’re treating.  There are many apps on the market today that help you track your cannabis use and record how it affects you. Using a tracker is actually an awesome tool to help you really hone in on your perfect strain, dose and method of use (ingesting edibles, smoking herb, topical creams or sublingual tinctures are just a few different methods).  


That’s all fine and good Mama Bee but why does microdosing matter? There are both practical and medicinal reasons why microdosing is beneficial to adults.

Let’s take a look at the practical benefits of microdosing first.  Overconsumption can intensify anxiety symptoms. As someone who personally experiences the daily struggle of managing anxiety, this is a particularly alluring point of view.  To me, “highly responsible” means honoring your body, mind, spirit, AND relationships in regards to your personal cannabis consumption. Microdosing is a highly responsible behavior.  In the contemporary cannabis culture, we are celebrating the diversity of this healing plant and discovering ways to incorporate it into our lives so as to live cleaner and healthier and happier.  Microdosing is such a perfect avenue for achieving that.

In regards to health benefits, microdosing allows you to receive the healing benefits of cannabis with minimal psychoactive effects.  Microdosing has shown to improve overall mood, lessen depression and anxiety and enhance creativity and productivity. Through microdosing, life is easier to manage.  The ups and downs of a normal day seem to level out because you have found your flow state. But most importantly, with microdosing, you feel in control. Of course common human conditions like inflammation, stress, anxiety and pain throughout the day can be eased by the simplicity of a microdose.  This goes without saying but with these common ailments eradicated, your need for over the counter and pharmaceutical medicine can be reduced or even eliminated from your routine. We all know that pain meds can be horrible for you… and I have taken anxiety and mood medications that most definitely affected my responsiveness in life and action.  Microdosing limits the negative side effects of cannabis (paranoia, forgetfulness, listlessness, etc.) while providing all of the benefits.

You are a shining example of cannabis for wellness and you’re helping erase the negative stigma associated with the plant.  Represent the healthy cannabis culture and honor it by using mindfully and with intention. Next time you consume, set your intention and thank cannabis for what you want it to do for you.

xx Mama Bee