How to Roll the Perfect Doob


Hi honeys!

If you’re reading this right now, chances are that you’re interested in learning how I personally prefer to roll the perfect doobie. In some ways, I feel like joint rolling is an art. It requires patience and practice…and for those of us that love the indulgence of a good doobie, this one’s for you. Nothing is worse than rushing through a doob that won’t even smoke for you.

Now, don’t get me wrong - I love a nice dose of tincture or a cannabis bath bomb after a long day. However, the indulgence of a doobie is one that I enjoy most. It is important to keep in mind that rolling a perfect joint is just like being a good parent in life - the approach isn’t one-size-fits-all and there are a lot of ways to be amazing at it. All that aside, lets dive into the way Mama Bee prefers her doobie doobie doo.


Life is too short to be smoking a bad j and there are too many tools at our fingertips to have any excuse for a bad joint. Below is Mama Bee’s fool proof doobie rolling method.

Let’s start with our supplies. You’ll need your favorite herb, a grinder and rolling papers with tips.

Here’s my process in 10 easy steps:

  1. GRAB your favorite Natural Selections strain which, for me, tends to be a nice mellow Indica strain like Scooby Snax.

  2. SELECT your nugs and separate the flower from the stem. If you’re feeling extra boujee, use your grinder to grind them into a nice fluffy consistency. After rolling a number of doobies you will find your “sweet spot” in the consistency of your post-ground bud. Nowadays, I prefer working with my hands so I carefully grind my herb between my fingers.

  3. PREP your crutch. I accordion fold the first ⅓ of the crutch and roll the rest into a tube. Set aside.

  4. TWIST one end of your paper, making sure the adhesive strip is opposite your body (you should be able to see the adhesive strip). In my experience,twisting one end of my paper helps the bud stay in place while I work to roll. It also poses as a nice “wick” to start your doobie once it is all rolled up!

  5. LOAD your herb into the paper, holding it by the new “wick”.

  6. SHAPE and roll your herb into a cone - fuller near the twisted end and less full toward the open end. Be careful not to allow the herb to fall out of the open end. I like to leave the open ¼ of the paper free of as much herb as possible to leave room for my crutch.

  7. ADD the crutch to the open end of your joint.

  8. ROLL until pleased. Don’t give up. Be gentle, working the herb slowly.

  9. LICK! Once you are happy with the shape of your j, add slight moisture to the adhesive strip and gently seal all the way down, making sure the doobie is extra tight near the crutch.

  10. PUFF. At this point, your doobie is complete! Grab a hemp wick, turn on your favorite jam and enjoy.



Mama Bee