Do You Smoke Around Your Kids?


Hi honeys!

I wanted to touch on a subject that feels a little taboo. If you are a parent and you consume cannabis, or know a parent who does, this one is for you! I have found that many of the people who learn that I am a cannabis user as a mother of two small children often wonder if I smoke around my children. The short answer to that question is, “No. I do not smoke cannabis around my children”. Cannabis is a tool that I use for my personal adult self, but I would never expose my children to it. For one, cannabis use is not meant for the young, developing mind. There are of course a few exceptions of children diagnosed with illnesses that are treated with cannabis under the care of a medical professional. But overall, cannabis is meant for consumers 18+.  Therefore, just like the alcohol in my home, cannabis is locked out of reach and out of access to my little ones.  

Many people still do not have a clear understanding that cannabis can be used in a safe and responsible way as a parent. When you are able to truly understand all of the different ways cannabis can be utilized, you will have much less fear about what your child is seeing because you understand the totality of how this plant is being used. I’m not sure why there is this misconception of cannabis-using-parents blowing puffs of smoke in their child’s face. I don’t know a single parent who would ever, ever do this. If you do smoke, there are plenty of options to keep your children from being exposed. Most cannabis parents wait to smoke until they are not around their children & choose to microdose instead. Many parents who do combust cannabis, do so outside of their home. Many of my cannabis parent friends who consume edibles feel that it is wise to purchase those that resemble traditional medicine (like tinctures or capsules) rather than having cannabis candy in the home.  


If you are a parent who utilizes the tools of cannabis in a safe and responsible manner, I have a few words of advice for you: Lose the guilt. Cannabis is great for adults! Many of us are aware of the powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich pain reliever that cannabis is! It is a healthier, more holistic approach to treat daily aches, help you relax, or take on a new day. In addition, responsible cannabis users know their correct dose that keeps them from a groggy hangover.  Never feel guilty for utilizing this beautiful, natural tool in a responsible way. You’re doing an excellent job


Mama Bee