Being a Responsible Cannabis User

Hey honeys!

I wanted to chat with you about ways you can be a responsible cannabis user. Outside of knowing your dose and regulating it based on the physical setting you find yourself in, there are a handful of ways you could be an even more responsible cannabis user.  

This might come as no surprise but it’s the details that tend to fall by the wayside. Tip number one for being responsible with your cannabis use: don’t smell like weed. This may go without saying but we are talking about a matter of being courteous here. There are those who wish to avoid cannabis entirely and they shouldn’t be hit with a wave of dank when in close proximity to a responsible user. One way to avoid smelling like cannabis is to avoid smoking. If you do have to smoke, use an odor neutralizing gel or spray in the space you are smoking. Run an air purifier in the space (on a high setting) and be mindful with the filters. Also, smoke outside when you can. Brush your teeth and wash your hands immediately afterwards. If you are okay with the idea of not combusting your herb, there are still so many options for you! Aside from edibles, there are also tinctures to use sublingually, patches (similar to a Band-Aid) to place directly on your skin in a discreet location or you can microdose (like I wrote about in my previous blog post). You can also vaporize marijuana or concentrates from many different apparatuses. Your options for consuming cannabis are plentiful, even when you avoid smoking.


Now, let’s talk weed storage. Surprise, surprise: safely and mindfully storing your stash is a hugely responsible behavior for every cannabis user. Think of your cannabis storage the same way you do liquor storage. Most would agree that responsible liquor storage at home would be to keep it in a locked cabinet, away from children. Do the same for your cannabis! Find a lockable cabinet or safe and keep it somewhere high out of the reach of any children in the home. To add an additional layer of security, store your weed in child safe jars within your locked cabinet. It doesn’t hurt to keep this all behind a locked door as well. Mindfully storing your cannabis is a highly responsible behavior because you’re keeping those around you, especially children, safe.


When you’re smoking cannabis, be courteous. Sure, many people don’t mind, but not everyone wants to smell the dankest weed while walking through a grocery store parking lot. There are some people who wish to avoid marijuana altogether. Whatever their reason, it is our responsibility as citizens of society who understand the simple laws of courtesy to extend that whenever possible regarding our own cannabis use. Be respectful and mindful with your dosing based on the environment you are in… and lastly, don’t drive or operate heavy machinery while stoned. I urge safety and responsibility so that we can keep cannabis on its current trajectory of easy access for all those of an appropriate age.

Overall, being a responsible cannabis user is incredibly simple.  Be mindful with your environment and your dosing. Avoid smelling like a bong. Store your herb behind locked doors. Don’t put others at risk, and, above all else, be a thoughtful neighbor.

xx Mama Bee