Cannabis and Parenting Littles

Hey honeys!

Responsibly raising little humans in the current cannabis culture can be so confusing. Some modern day cannabis users have partaken in the herb their whole lives, whereas some are new to this whole world of cannabis and want to learn more.  Can I responsibly partake in cannabis as a parent? The short answer is yes! However, there are obviously additional factors to consider.


When we become parents and have children of our own, we often feel that we are in uncharted territory when it comes to making the right decisions regarding safe and responsible cannabis use.  Especially now that we have little ones paying close attention to our every move. As research and science have come out to support cannabis use, more and more parents are “coming out of the closet” as cannabis users.  The fear of cannabis is increasingly dropping because information is so readily available.

When it comes to talking to your children about cannabis, be open and honest.  If you want to educate your children in the right way, you need to educate yourself first.  Go through pros and cons with them. Approach them with honest information but tailor it to their level of comprehension. Obviously when children are very small, comprehension is limited but they can understand that cannabis is something natural that can have benefits for many different ailments for adults. Only you as a parent can decipher what level of comprehension your child has of the world and tailor your explanation of cannabis to them in that way. Every child is different.  The fact that you’re being a conscious parent, realizing that you’re a role model for your child and you want to approach them in the best way, makes you an amazing parent alone. Taking the time to understand your child and help your child understand is important for anything in life. This should translate to cannabis as well. Explain to your children that adults can utilize cannabis in a positive way but you must be sensible in your use so as to achieve the highest benefits.


Being honest and transparent is the best way to build trust rather than some weird excuse that your children can easily debunk anyway through a quick google search.  To add, you are ultimately establishing a trust between yourself and your child which will translate down the road as they will feel comfortable being open and honest with you because that line of communication and trust has already been established from a young age.

Children have analytical abilities just like adults but don’t have the life experience to contextualize.  I have always spoken to my children as adults. I don’t “dumb down” (though sometimes when discussing harsh topics, I make the story more palatable for my children) but I don’t use baby talk.  Overall when speaking about cannabis, I use a holistic undertone. My children understand that I use cannabis as a meditative aid, for anxiety and depression. I have set the example for my children that cannabis is not something to be abused, but to be used as a tool for a fully-developed (21+) mind.  As children get older, they have the capability to understand more, so you have this opportunity to have deeper conversations with them about why people utilize cannabis.


Many people agree that cannabis helps you achieve “flow state” which is essentially the state that children live in constantly.  So, there is definitely an argument that cannabis does make you a better parent, by just taking those extra moments with your child and connecting with them on their level.  Patience is much higher and you are really really tapping into their world with them. Non-distracted, share yourself with them.

As a parent, it is so important to take a moment each day to spend some time with yourself in order to become your best self.  Taking time for yourself will allow you to become more grounded and optimistic. Through the daily grind of life, it is so easy to almost feel like a drill sergeant because we just have these strict schedules to which we must adhere.  Cannabis helps you achieve a flow state throughout your day, helping you find bliss in even the most mundane of moments.

If you have the confidence and the ability to distill this information to other adults, then you will have no problem doing so for children.  When you do acquire that level of cannabis knowledge I highly encourage you to share it with other folks. What I have found is that a lot of people just read the headlines, but if you scratch beneath the surface, you will start understanding that the fact that it was illegal is almost laughable after we see how so many people have benefited since legalization. You would be surprised at how many people are just thirsting for this knowledge about cannabis.

xx Mama Bee