Opening Soon: 3 Stores In & Around Boston, MA


With great success comes the pushing of new boundaries and the taking of new risks. So holds true of Colorado’s favorite suburban adult-use dispensary, Natural Selections.

The small but mighty dispensary has plans of expansion in states where the cannabis industry is new territory to conquer. Natural Selections is dedicated to providing safe and alternative selections to medicine across the United States.

In 2017, the Dorchester Reporter outlined, “Our company [Natural Selections] currently in Colorado meets the objectives that we strive to replicate here,” O’Donovan said, “which include among other things consistency and quality control, its very very important for patients to know they’re getting the same thing over time, that what they have is accurately dosed.” Their Northglenn, Colorado location has not has any safety issues, O’Donovan said, and their exterior security measures have improved the safety of neighboring stores.”

Plans have been rolling for over two years and leases have been signed and finalized. Natural Selections hopes to open its three storefronts in and around Boston, MA starting Spring 2019. There will be stores located in Watertown, Fitchburg and Dorchester.

Watertown plans to open first, in the Spring of 2019. Fitchburg to follow in the Fall and then Dorchester before year’s end. The Dorchester Reporter also states that, “They have been approved in the city of Fitchburg for cultivation and dispensing. Natural Selections is also the only medical cannabis company to be approved to sell in Watertown.”


Massachusetts first voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2012 and then voted to legalize recreational weed in 2016. The first pot shops were legal to open November 13, 2018. In Massachusetts, medical marijuana shops will be limited in how much they can sell in a single purchase - one ounce of flower or five grams of concentrate. Of course, both public consumption and driving under the influence of marijuana remains illegal.

Natural Selections is always looking to expand to emerging markets and is excited for its future endeavors.